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RUN IN MEMORY OF KATE HATHERELL - 11.06.1986 - 08.08.2017




Free UK Delivery - Fox On The Hill Crafts Dino And Kate xx Twitter Email Facebook pinterest-logo-button Fox continues in loving memory and honour of the most amazing person ever to come in my life - Kate Hatherell. I hope I continue to make you proud Little Bear. x

Kate and I first met in September 2010. Obviously I used my charm and wit to woo her, or as she put it in a slightly different way, "I felt sorry for you!". And so would begin the start of the most amazing seven years of my life with Kate.


It wasn't always easy, as with any relationship, we had our arguments, disagreements and even the odd tantrum. But it was a time in my life when I smiled every day, laughed numerous times over the smallest of things and shared the most amazing moments. Those small things and the memories of those moments are all that I can hold on to now.


My Best Friend

My Partner

My World

Kate Hatherell : 11th June 1986 - 8th August 2017

Founder of Fox On The Hill Crafts



Kate always had a vision that she wanted to create something away from her work within the NHS. Something that she could take as much pride in but to also say that it was her own doing. And that is how Fox On The Hill Crafts started. Back in the summer of 2016 the plan was hatched to create a venture involving crafts, design and creativity.


She put her absolute passion, dedication, spirit and soul into Fox as many customers would testify to her warm and approachable manner.

While with friends playing various board games and enjoying a few drinks Kate suddenly started to have an asthma attack. An ambulance was called immediately. I had witnessed Kate have several attacks over the previous seven years but she had always managed to maintain some sort of breathing pattern in time to reach hospital for treatment for her to regain control.


But this one escalated extremely quickly. The ambulance took just seven minutes to arrive. In that short time Kate had become unconscious, and subsequently just after the ambulance arrived she went into cardiac arrest for 20minutes. Paramedics and HEMS doctors at the scene managed to restart her heart but the critical damage had been done. Kate was taken to King's College hospital (which was also her place of work). She was not conscious at any point and four days later on the 8th of August doctors explained to us that Kate was 'brain dead' and would not be waking up. A moment that I just cannot put into any words here what that felt like.



A page has been set up in Kate's memory to raise funds for the Critical Care Unit at King's College where Kate was cared for by the most amazing staff and colleagues within the hospital. Any donation, no matter what amount, is hugely and gratefully appreciated.


"Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending, speak without offending, and give without expecting. Life is too short for regrets and what if's".


Such was Kate's ability to give to people that her last act on earth was to save the lives of four other people. A huge advocate of organ donation, her selflessness has given others the chance to continue living, even though she cannot. It was thanks to Kate that I myself joined the Organ Donation List and I believe it is something that we all should sign up for to give others the chance to continue their journey when ours reaches the end of the road.


6,500 people are currently on the UK transplant waiting list and in 2017 nearly 500 people died while waiting for a transplant.

KATE'S LEGACY... my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky -Faith Hill, There You'll Be

Join The NHS Organ Donor Register

Kate was born in Plymouth and was 23 when she moved to London in order to study and embark on a career in medicine. It was only right Kate's final resting place would be her home town close to her family.


The service was conducted at Hope Baptist Church on the 25th of August 2017. She spent many memories at Hope while growing up and many of the younger generation and wider community there remember her as a leader within the youth groups. Hundreds of people attended the pink-themed service. A testament to the popularity, respect and love for Kate, and to the most amazing family you could ever wish to be a part of and know.


Standing in front of so many people was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life but strangely a proud achievement to deliver my eulogy to Kate, I hope she approved of my words. I have shared the ten-minute eulogy below for anyone that would like to listen.






On November 24th a memorial service was also given by King's College Hospital in London, where Kate worked. Amazing colleagues and close friends paid tribute to Kate with a wonderful service. Culminating with the release of pink balloons in a poignant moment on the helipad of the hospital. Kate loved the helipad and would have been smiling at us.